1. Breast Augmentation

2. Breast Reduction

3. Breast Reconstruction

4. Breast Mastopexy

5. Inverted Nipples Correction

“A consultation at Medico Clinique does not involve a plastic surgery. I can only give you the best personalized solution for you estetic problem.”

Dr. George Ciolacov

6. Inferior (lower) Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

7. Total Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

8. Total Abdominoplasty with Rectus Abdominis Muscle Suture (Tummy Tuck)

9. Liposuction

“To take care of your health and beauty is not a matter of time…but of intelligence.”

Dr. George Ciolacov

10. Hiperhidrosis surgery

11. Simple Face Lifting

12. Mid Face Lifting

“Take time for your health and beauty. Otherwise, time will take them away…”

Dr. George Ciolacov

13. Forehead Lifting

14. Temporal Lifting

15. Super extended face neck-lift (SMAS) (forhead, face and neck)

“The only ‘disease’ that we can’t escape from, is old age! That’s why I promise to eliminate, as much as I can, the effects of this disease”

Dr. George Ciolacov

16. Hips Lifting

17. Arms Lifting

18. Bottom Lifting

19. Hands Lifting

20. Rhinoplasty (aesthetic of the nose)

21. Lipofilling

“The best result of an operation is that it doesn’t look as though you have had an operation.”

Dr. George Ciolacov

22. Eyelid Surgery – blepharoplasty inferior and/or superior

23. Double Chin Removal (surgical procedure)

24. Tatoo Removal (surgical procedure)

“A professional, hard working surgeon, only agrees to operate on a patient, when it’s in the patients interest, not the surgeon’s.”

Dr. George Ciolacov

25. Gluteus Implant

26. Malar Implant (cheek bones) - surgical procedure

27. Chin Implant

28. Hair Transplant

29. Sexchange Surgery

30. Correction of Labiae - Lifting of the Female Genitalia

“In a way, you are the tailor of your own destiny, in aesthetic surgery you are in a large measure your own tailor because the range of surgical and non surgical procedures in aesthetics grows day by day.”

Dr. George Ciolacov

31. Phaloplasty
- augmentation (lenght & girth) of male genitalia
- insertion of silicon spheeres ('pealpenis')

32. Removal of Hipertrophyc & Keloid Scars

33. Otoplasty (correction of protruding ears, malformations of the ears)

“A beautiful face and body it’s also maintened from interior, that’s why beauty starts from nourishment”

Dr. George Ciolacov

34. Reconstruction of Avulsed Earlobs

35. Calf Implants

36. Perioral Wrinkles Surgical Reduction

37. Face modelling